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Cycling Fitness: Why Cycling May Be the Best Exercise for Weight Loss

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Are you looking into weight loss but don’t know which way to turn? The path of cycling fitness may just be the answer to your dilemma.

Cycling has helped a number of people with their weight loss journeys. I’ve lost a total of 60 pounds from changing my nutrition and eating habits and incorporating consistent exercise. I’m not alone, elite iBike Triathlete, Cam Mencio has lost 80+ pounds, iBike athlete Russell Ray, has lost well over 100 pounds, and professional Triathlete Matt Lieto, lost over 100 pounds. The list goes on and on. . .

One of the challenges overweight people face is pain. Working out hurts! Heck, when I was 60 pounds overweight, bending down to tie my shoes even hurt, let alone running marathons and riding centuries (which I still managed to do). Cycling offers a low impact way to start ourselves down a healthy path (pun intended). It can provide the catalyst for a completely new life. Cycling offers a low impact way to burn calories, while keeping our joints from the strain of extra weight. Along the lines of burning calories, a power meter can give you an accurate measurement of calories burned and the work that you’re actually doing to base your diet around. This measurement is far superior to any fuzzy logic from a heart rate monitor.

As we age, our lean muscle mass decreases. What a depressing irony this is! While our lean body (muscle) decreases, the amount of calories we can burn in a day (basil metabolic rate) decreases. That means as we atrophy, our caloric intake should drop to keep the fat off. If we include resistance training workouts into our week (big gear drills and riding hills) we can get the benefit of strength training while on the bike. That means we’re building our muscle to burn more calories, on top of the calories we’re burning while we ride! That’s a win, win situation.

The other challenge we have is getting bored or burned out of our workout. Going to the gym and lifting weights indoors everyday is just not my idea of a good time. I’d much rather be outside, breathing in the fresh air, rather than body odor from the dude next to me blasting death metal from his iPod. No thanks. Working on your cycling fitness can be a never ending adventure. Some of the best times I can remember have come from riding. Group rides, smaller family rides, rides in Italy and France on vacation, etc… That’s fun and its exercise. Henry Ford once said find something you love and you’ll never work another day in your life. I believe that to be true for exercise and business.  Cycling is one of those things that you did when you were a kid and experienced freedom and exhilaration. It hasn’t changed! Once you plop your bottom down on the saddle and start pedaling, it all comes back. What’s stopping you from being a kid again?

Do you have questions about weight loss, nutrition, or training? I’d love to help. Please e-mail iBikeBlog.  Thank you!

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